This post is a little overdue but better late than never hey! I was a bad blogger and didn’t take a camera with me, so didn’t manage to get any pictures, but plenty of other people who attended have put up some great pics.   On the 19th of January I got up at 05:15 (yes, there is such a… View Post

Guest Post: Nailed It This Christmas

As if overnight making sure your nails are looking their best has almost become a national sport (well for ladies at least). Painting your nails used to be the thing you did on your lunch but now everywhere you look there’s an Aztec print mani or intricately painted animal prints in various shades of the colour spectrum. A year ago… View Post


01 Lunch at the Guinness museum02 The Guinness Experience03 Oscar Wilde04 I love amusing shop names and signs! 01 One of my favourite Big Bang Theory quotes… on  a T SHIRT!02 Pacman by the river03 A lovely little book shop04 Nightcap!       So for the past week I have been in Dublin (the biggest city in the world,… View Post

Boots Haul

I just want to point out that I am aware that some people don’t like haul posts. However, I have had positive feedback on my blog about these types of posts, so I’m happy to continue doing them 🙂 Secondly, I feel I need to mention that this haul was ordered the day I decided to start my 100-Day Spending… View Post