PR Samples
PR samples feature on Lola and Behold, and where they are featured in a post, the sample will be marked with an asterisk (*). All opinions are my own, unless otherwise stated. I am honest within my reviews, and try to give a fair and balanced perspective of any items featured on the blog, regardless of whether they have been gifted or not. A PR sample does not guarantee a glowing review! I am a firm believer in sharing both the pros and the cons of a product, to ensure that anyone reading my blog can make an informed decision as to whether to purchase an item I have featured. 

Sponsored Posts
From time to time I feature sponsored posts on the blog, and these will be marked with the words ‘sponsored post‘. 

At present I do not offer advertising on the blog, but I am open to offers. Please contact me on lolaandbehold@gmail.com to discuss further.

I occasionally write posts in collaboration with brands, and these will be marked with ‘post written in collaboration with…‘. 

All photographs featured on the blog are my own, unless otherwise stated. I take responsibility for them all, even if some of them are little on the shoddy side! Please do not reproduce any of my images without seeking permission first.  

Giveaways and Competitions
From time to time I feature giveaways on the blog, usually in collaboration with brands. I follow the ASA guidelines where possible, although it has to be said that I am only human and am prone to making mistakes or overlooking details, as we all are. If you disagree with any of the terms or conditions of giveaways I feature on the blog, please do let me know.