I’m Laura, a 27-year old nurse by day (and sometimes night!) who lives in a small town in the South of England, very near Brighton. Having spent my formative years as a complete tomboy, and therefore not discovering makeup until I started university, my obsession with beauty products seems to have spiralled somewhat over the last few years – making up for lost time or something, right?!

As well as beauty products, I am obsessed with stationery and pretty things. I am what some people would call a crazy cat lady. I love to travel, and have a travel ‘to do’ list as long as my arm. I love learning new things. I love festivals, and drinking cider in beer gardens. Below you can see me in my happy place, looking right at home…

 The Blog
I started Lola and Behold in July of 2012, having read blogs for at least two years prior. I had always envied people that could just ramble on about whatever they wanted, and have those rambles read by complete strangers. With a summer of annual leave ahead of me, I decided to take the plunge to see if I could do it. When I started to get a few follwers (I mean a few, I had three on Google Friend Connect), that was enough to spur me on to write some more. Three years later and I’m still enjoying it. The things I love most about blogging are firstly the experiences I have had, and continue to have, and the people I meet. Blogging has allowed me to do such amazing things, such as spending an entire weekend with a group of strangers, booking holidays abroad with said strangers, arranging to meet people I’ve only ever spoken to online, and attending the most amazing events. I get to meet people from all different backgrounds, with all different interests, and I get to learn from them all. Blogging is pretty great, huh?