(Very) Last Minute Christmas Gift Ideas!

Very Last Minute Christma Gift Ideas Very Last Minute Christmas Gift Ideas

The Gourmet Chocolate Pizza Company Website

I was first introduced to the Chocolate Pizza Co. at a blog event last January, where we were all given a slice of chocolate pizza to take home. That little slice wasn’t quite enough to satiate me, so my sweet tooth was very happy when the company offered to send me a whole pizza for Christmas! Now these pizzas are made of the most delicious Belgian chocolate, with a whole range of pizzas with varying toppings. They are high quality, and as such are much more expensive than your standard chocolate treat, hence they’re something to gift to someone else rather than treat yourself to.

I tried out the Crunchy Munchy, which has toppings of brownie biscuit, smooth vanilla fudge, and white chocolate curls. Delicious! I love my chocolate straight out of the fridge (sometimes even the freezer), but I found the chocolate pizzas tasted much better at room temperature, as the cold seemed to zap some of the taste.

Prices vary, with a seven inch pizza at £10.50, 10 inches at £14.50, and 12 inches at £17.50. The seven inches were quite enough for me to devour by myself, but due to how rich the chocolate is, I even managed to stick to just one ‘slice’ at a time!

The Gourmet Pizza Co. also do personalised pizzas and ones for special occasions or corporate events, so there really is something for everyone.

Very Last Minute Christmas Gift Ideas, Green People Very Last Minute Christmas Gift Ideas, Green People

Green People Stocking Fillers Website

Green People are one of my all-time favourite brands for skin and body care, firstly because the ethos behind the brand ensures me that only the best quality ingredients are going onto my skin, but also because they are a local company! This year, Green People have released three of these cute stocking fillers (which can also be hung from the Christmas tree), which one in these cleverly folded boxes with a beautiful butterfly design on the front. There are three separate products available: Nourish – Hand Cream (£6.50); Refresh – Shower Gel (£5.50); and Indulge – Night Treat (£8.50). I love all of these products equally – the hand cream is on my desk at work and smells divine, and the night cream is good enough to eat.

Green People have next day delivery until 21st December, so get yourself over there pronto!

Very Last Minute Christmas Gift Ideas Very Last Minute Christmas Gift Ideas

Chocolate and LoveWebsite

Now I am most certainly a milk chocolate fan through and through, and I am quite fussy about which brands I go for – we’ve all got a favourite right?! HOWEVER. Chocolate and Love have managed to convert me to the dark chocolate variety, and I am amazed. It’s much easier to convince yourself you’re eating chocolate for health benefits, as we’re often told that the higher the cocoa content, the higher the amount of body-boosting anti-oxidants, so you can pat yourself on the back for stuffing yourself with chocolate rather than lolling around in a sugar-induced coma!

All Chocolate and Love chocolate is fair trade and organic, created with the finest ingredients, and produced in Switzerland. These factors alone mean the price is steeper than your standard bar of supermarket chocolate,  but the price is worth it. The Creamy Dark chocolate was delicious, with just enough of a chocolate fix for me that I only needed a square or two at a time – a much more moderated approach than I would usually take! I’m a big fan of orange chocolate, so that one was obviously my favourite. As for the Rich Dark, it was indeed very rich and very dark, but tasty nonetheless.

You can buy Chocolate and Love from Sainsburys, Ocado, and numerous independent suppliers; have a look at their website to find a supplier near you.

Very Last Minute Christmas Gift Ideas

The English Provender CompanyWebsite

I’m sure it’s just not the family and friends that I know that tend to stock up on supplies for Christmas with the mind-set that the supermarkets are due to close for the next three months, and therefore we must have enough food to last in case we starve to death?! All fairly ridiculous in my opinion, but of course it’s always nice to have a stash of delicious goods in the kitchen to treat ourselves with at Christmas, to help us get festively plump, ready to lose it all again when we reach time for new year’s resolutions!

Anyway, rambling aside; The English Provender Company are a company established back in 1979, who create award-winning pickles and chutneys which will add a bit of zing to your sandwiches and crackers. There’s a whole range of different flavoured chutneys and pickles, so something for every taste. I’ve got the Classic Chunky Pickle and Sweet Tomato & chilli Chutney to try out for Christmas.

The English Provender Company’s products can be bought from Sainsbury’s, Waitrose, and Tesco.

Very Last Minute Christmas Gift Ideas Very Last Minute Christmas Gift Ideas Very Last Minute Christmas Gift Ideas

Baylis & Harding Christmas GiftsWebsite

Baylis & Harding always do some brilliant Christmas gifts, and this year is no exception. Although the first gift set doesn’t seem to be available any longer, there are very similar products available – having a browse on the Baylis & Harding website will take you to Amazon sellers of their products, which is great for those of you with Amazon Prime accounts and free delivery – wahey!

This Beauticology Soldier Cosy Night In Gift Set includes an adorable mini hot water bottle, plus a shower gel and hand lotion – a great gift for a teenage girl, or perhaps a secret Santa. What I love about Baylis & Harding is that their products all feel, look, and smell so luxurious, so it feels like you’re getting salon-quality products at home. I wouldn’t ever buy their products for my everyday use (for instance I’m much for likely to pick up a 99p shower gel from Tesco), but as a treat I’d be very happy to receive their products on special occasions!

Very Last Minute Christmas Gift Ideas Very Last Minute Christmas Gift Ideas

Seventeen at BootsWebsite

The Seventeen range at Boots offers some really affordable products for everyday beauty items. Given that they are a high street brand they are inevitably not the highest of quality, but I really can’t fault most of their products – I particularly love all of their brow products, and I have at least four of their bronzers! These two gift sets are new for this Christmas – the first is an eyeshadow palette with a twist; you can insert your own pictures into the outer frame, giving you something a little different for yourself, or a pretty novelty gift. It is slightly disappointing that the eye shadow pans are so small, as it seems like a lot of wasted space, as I would have expected slightly more for £16. That said, the palette itself is thick and sturdy, so that makes up for it. The second gift set is the Sparkle & Shine Lip Gloss Collection which is a bargain at £6, with six miniature lip glosses. Great to chuck one in each of your going out bags, so you’ve always got something just in case!

This post contains PR samples, however all thoughts and opinions are my own.