Christmas Gifts from The Body Shop

The Body Shop Christmas Gifts

Merry Kiss-Mas Wand – £10 – Buy Here

This set of five fruity flavoured lip balms is such a great idea for a stocking filler – when can you ever have too many lip balms?! I have them in every bag, a couple in the car, and one or two at work; I can’t remember the last time I actually finished an entire lip balm as I have so many on the go at once! I’ve got the Born Lippy Passionberry Lip Balm on my desk at work and it’s a great help at soothing my sore lips in this cold weather!

The Body Shop Christmas Gifts

Vanilla Chai Foaming Bath – £10 – Buy Here

The Body Shop’s new vanilla-scented foaming bath product (scented with vanilla extract from Madagascar, no less!) smells absolutely delicious! We don’t have a bath at the moment due to a bathroom refurb, but I can’t wait to have a home spa session with some of these gorgeous Body Shop products. This is on the pricier side at £10 for a bath foam, however we all deserve a bit of luxury from time to time, as a Christmas treat this is fab.

Vanilla Chai Exfoliating Sugar Body Scrub – £15 – Buy Here

This exfoliating sugar scrub, also deliciously vanilla-scented (good enough to eat!) is the perfect accompaniment to the bath foam. I swear by The Body Shop’s body scrubs for  full body exfoliation before applying fake tan, as they are so densely packed that they do a really thorough job. Because of this, a small amount of product goes a pretty long way.

The Body Shop Christmas Gifts

Vanilla Chai Scented Candle – £10 – Buy Here

This candle smells absolutely AMAZING. I burned it for a couple of evenings non-stop, and sadly it is now all gone! Alongside the Madagascan vanilla, it is also scented with cardamon and star anise, making it the most wonderfully Christmassy scent for people like me that prefer the sweeter-scented candles.

The Body Shop Christmas Gifts

Rosie Bath Sponge – £4 – Buy Here

This little bath sponge would make a great little stocking filler – there’s no mistaking whose sponge is whose when yours looks like this! This sponge is available in one of three designs, alongside Reggie Bath Sponge and Reggie Junior Bath Sponge. As a side note, don’t you just love when you take blog photos and then realise that you can be seen reflected in the image – cringe!

The Body Shop Christmas Gifts

Spa of The World Blissful Ritual Collection – £35 – Buy Here

This duo of luxurious products from the Spa of The World collection will allow you to experience the relaxation and decadence of a spa to your own home. Following a long and relaxing bath with lovely vanilla-scented products and a couple of candles, and a good full-body scrub, you can slather your body in the delightfully rich Hawaiian Kukui Cream. Although I tend to chuck away packaging as soon as I open a product, as I like to save on space, this duo comes in such high-quality packaging that it would seem a shame to throw it away!

The Body Shop Christmas Gifts The Body Shop Christmas Gifts The Body Shop Christmas Gifts

Oils of Life Ultimate Skincare Collection – £85 – Buy Here

This collection from the Oils of Life range is something very special. Housed in a sturdy chest, which can be re-used as a jewellery box, the collection consists of the Intensely Revitalising Cream, Intensely Revitalising Facial Oil, Intensely Revitalising Bi-Phase Essence Lotion, Intensely Revitalising Sleeping Cream, and the Twin-Ball Massager. I bought the facial massager a little while back and use it every now and again when I’ve got more time to spend on my facial skincare regime, and it really is lovely. The cold metal is so soothing on the skin, and gives a great massage.

I absolutely love the way this collection is packaged, and the Oils of Life range is absolutely brill. The only facial moisturisers I tend to use are ones by The Body Shop, and I have a nice stash waiting to be used; I’ve tried moisturisers from most of their ranges over the last few years, and I’m looking forward to trying this one next.

The Body Shop Christmas Gifts

Bath Fizzers – £1 – Buy Here

There are five different effervescent bath fizzes available, at the reasonable price of £1 each. If you’re into bath bombs and a bit more novelty value than your standard bubble bath, these are a great alternative, and a much cheaper one at that than the usual bath bombs we are used to seeing!

Have you got your eye on any Christmas gifts from The Body Shop? Let me know your recommendations!
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