How Do You Hallowe’en? HMV Home Movie Night

Halloween, Films, Night in, HMV, Movies

I’ve never really been big on Hallowe’en in the going out and getting dressed up sense, but I absolutely love a scary film fest. Even back in my uni days when fancy dress was an essential part of student life, I don’t really recall ever having done Hallowe’en in a big way; I think having done fancy dress every night for the entirety of my degree, when it came to Hallowe’en it was just another fancy dress theme and I really wasn’t fussed. This year was no different, as on the Saturday night when most people seemed to be donning their best fancy dress and going wild at Hallowe’en parties, I was working late and up again early on the Sunday. Tiny little violin, etc etc.

Halloween, Films, Night in, HMV, Movies

Instead, my Hallowe’en consisted of a duvet day on the Friday beforehand, snuggled up warm with the curtains closed and the lights off, surrounded by copious amounts of junk food, with a couple of scary films thanks to HMV and Netflix! I absolutely love a good psychological thriller that keeps y0u on the edge of your seat until the very end, but at the same time I love a good horror with creepy music that’ll make me want to hide behind a cushion and sleep with the lights on forever more. The one film which really gets me going is the original Paranormal Activity, simply because the way it’s filmed makes it feel far more realistic, and I can imagine all of the freaky stuff actually happening. I did however see Paranormal Activity 3D one Hallowe’en at the cinema, and it was so bad that we laughed more than we screamed!

For my Hallowe’en movie night, HMV very kindly sent me a bundle of goodies, including the Disney Hallowe’en classic Hocus Pocus (winner), and the cult classic The Exorcist (too scared to even leave it on my shelf for fear I’ll never be able to sleep again merely from its presence in my house). All good duvet days need enough junk food to ease you into a sugar coma, and HMV certainly helped out on that part, with popcorn and sweets galore.

Halloween, Films, Night in, HMV, Movies Halloween, Films, Night in, HMV, Movies

Just as a side note, these Parrot Bay alcohol pouches are amazeballs! They’re pre-mixed cocktails in a pouch, which you stick in the freezer for a few hours, leaving you with an alcohol slushy. A lovely treat every now and again, I’ve tried these in a few flavours and they’re all so good! Obvs, this was an essential for my movie night!

What’s your favourite horror movie? I’d love to hear your suggestions!
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