August 2016 Degustabox

Degustabox August 2016 Degustabox August 2016

Tabasco Sweet & Sticky Barbecue Sauce & Marinade (£1.99)

This mild barbecue sauce is enhanced by the delicious flavours of chipotle – I absolutely love chipotle, but find that at times it can be a little too spicy. This barbecue marinade has only got a very mild kick, so would be great for those that can’t handle too much spice, like me! I’d highly recommend using this drizzled over a burger.

Degustabox August 2016

Geeta’s Premium Mango Chutney

Poppadums and mango chutney – what a winning combination! It was great to see some chutney to go alongside the curry pastes that were also supplied in this month’s box.

Degustabox August 2016

Aromatic Thai Noodles Nutripot & Moroccan Couscous Nutripot (£2.49 each)

My ridiculous working hours mean I am out of the house for at least 14 hours at a time, and therefore I need to take enough food for breakfast, lunch, and dinner, which can take a bit of preparation and organisation, something I’m not so good at when I wake up late! These pots are a great convenience solution for dinner, and each Nutripot contains 50% of all of the 28 vitamins and minerals that your body requires every day, which is a great bonus. I do personally think the price is a little steep – I can pick up a packet of couscous for 60p from Tesco, stick it in a tupperware container, and then I’ve got the same thing. The only justification for the price of these pots (if the claims can be believed) is the amount vitamins and minerals you’re said to get from each pot.

Degustabox August 2016

Geeta’s Curry Pastes – Tikka & Rogan Josh (£1 each)

These curry pastes are so handy for whipping up a quick curry. Although you have to add coconut milk and a couple of other ingredients, they take away the hassle you’d get from making a curry entirely from scratch. I’ve got no complaints about Geeta’s curry pastes – I think they’re a brilliant creation!

Degustabox August 2016

Oloves (£1)

I don’t eat olives as I can’t stand the taste, but I’m informed that Oloves are incredibly tasty! They come in a range of different seasonings, with no stones – a great convenience snack for the health-conscious amongst us, but unfortunately just not a snack for me.

Degustabox August 2016

Dorset Cereals Bircher Muesli (£3.49)

I am loving muesli and granola at the moment – anything I can have sprinkled over the top of some Greek yoghurt. I love the little Dorset Cereals scoop which came alongside this muesli, allowing you to easily measure out portion sizes – very handy if you’re counting calories or points!

Degustabox August 2016

Rakusen’s Snackers – Plain (£1.29) & Gluten-Free (£1.49)

I managed to scoff an entire bag of plain Rakusen’s snackers with a pot of hummus at work one day thi week – these crackers are delicious! Granted, a cracker is a cracker, but food in certain shapes tastes so much better; a prime example being sandwiches – triangular sandwiches will always taste better than rectangular ones. As well as the plain crackers, Rakusen also offer a gluten-free version. Unfortunately they are 20p more expensive, but gluten-free products do tend to be more expensive than gluten-inclusive products.

Degustabox August 2016

Clipper Lime & Ginger Green Tea (£1.59)

I am definitely not a tea drinker, but whilst away in Peru I discovered fruit teas and I think I may have been converted. During a home-stay with a Peruvian family (we did not have any shared language between us!) I was unable to say ‘Sorry, I bloody hate tea…’ and so had to grin and bear it through several cups of fruit tea. After the first couple I found that actually, it’s not so bad! Clipper’s Lime & Ginger Green Tea would not be my first preference of flavour, but it’s actually pretty tasty.

Degustabox August 2016

Willy Chase’s Fit Corn (£2.19)

I love popcorn, but usually the simple stuff does me just fine. The posh varieties can be a bit far out in terms of flavours for me, and unfortunately the Salt & Vinegar variant of Willy’s Chase’s Fit Corn was exactly that. Salt & vinegar is a flavour I associate with a packet of Walker’s crisps, so to have that combined with the texture of popcorn really did not work for me. That said, there are several other flavours available, so perhaps a different variant will be more to my tastes.

Degustabox August 2016

Get More Vitamins Sparkling Lemon & Lime (£1.45)

I don’t drink a huge amount of fizzy drinks, but every now and again I do like to drink something other than water or squash. This sparkling lemon & lime drink sounded nice, but actually it was so saccharine-sweet that I didn’t even want to finish it. Unfortunately, this wasn’t for me.

Degustabox August 2016

Mahou Cinco Estrellas (£1.20)

I am not a beer drinker, so I’ve left this one sitting in the fridge to be snapped up by whoever fancies it. Although it’s not my drink of choice, I was impressed to see that it’s only £1.20 a bottle – seems a bit of a bargain to me!

Degustabox August 2016

Fentimans Sparkling Lime and Jasmine 

I wanted to love this, because Fentimans usually do some really nice drinks (and their bottles are Instagram-worthy too!), but I found the taste of the lime and jasmine far too bitter. I’ll stick with the pink lemonade!

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