Seventeen’s Mega Matte Lipsticks & Other Beauty Bits

Seventeen Mega Matte Lipsticks Seventeen Mega Matte Lipsticks Seventeen Mega Matte Lipsticks Seventeen Mega Matte Lipsticks

Seventeen Mega Matte Lipsticks (£4.49 – shop)

Seventeen very kindly sent me a selection of the brand new mega matte lipsticks in their range, and they are BRILL. Not only are the lipsticks super-affordable at just £4.49 each, they are also extremely good quality for a high street brand.

I usually veer away from lipsticks in a matte finish due to the fact that they are not at all forgiving; I find they highlight every single dry patch or crack on your lips, and so you can’t even think of giving them a go until your lips are in tip-top condition. Seventeen’s new lip products however, apply like a dream and are much more forgiving. Wear time is pretty lengthy at allegedly 13 hours, although I would say that claim is pushing it a bit. Wear time is prolonged when lip colour is applied with a lipstick and blotted with a tissue in between layers as recommended by Seventeen, but 13 hours? Sorry, not quite.

Although there are only 12 shades in the range (I say ‘only’, as when compared to a lipstick range such as MAC’s, 12 isn’t a lot), there is a great selection of shades to suit all tastes and skin tones. My personal fave is Looking Buff.

I adore the packaging for the mega matte lipsticks – slightly longer and skinnier than the usual high street lipstick packaging, these also look slightly classier in their matte black casing with shiny chevrons. On the whole, this range is a great addition to Seventeen’s range – they’ve done a great job!


This Works In Transit Camera Close-Up (£30 – shop)

I received this primer in one of the recent Look Fantastic beauty boxes, and I didn’t think much of it as I’ve tried so many primers in the past. However, when I saw that it is a mask, moisturiser and primer in one, I decided to give it a go. It turns out, it’s the perfect base product to use on minimal makeup days, and saves me bothering with moisturiser. This is only a sample size, but I’d seriously consider investing in the full-size at £30, it is that good.


MAC Paint Pot in ‘Groundwork’ (£16 – shop)

I use my Painterly paint pot allll the time, as it’s great on its own, but equally as good as an eyeshadow primer. Any powder shadows applied on top stay put very firmly, and paint pots – in my experience – don’t seem to crease at all. Whilst in duty free, I decided to try a new shade similar to one of the Maybelline Color Tattoos that I used to love, but had dried up. Groundwork is just an absolute dream. I wear it on its own on work days when makeup is kept to a minimum, buff out the edges with a fluffy eye shadow brush, and job done.


Anastasia Beverly Hills Dipbrow Pomade (£15 – shop)

I have had an absolute ‘mare trying to find the right product for my brows, and I have gone back and forth with the ABH dipbrow. It takes quite some time to get used to the consistency / texture of the product, but once mastered the clean lines you can create on your brows with a slanted brush are pure perfection. I have to wipe excess product off into the lid to ensure that application isn’t too clumpy, but other than that we’ve been getting along just fine. I’ve been using this for two months now and I’ve still got a hell of a lot of product left, which demonstrates pretty damn good value for money.


Benefit Cosmetics Hoola Bronzer (£23.50 – shop)

Contouring is another trend that I’ve struggled with, firstly as I couldn’t quite find the right tool for the job, and secondly because many bronzers I’ve tried have been too warm-toned, ever so slightly shimmery, or far too pigmented. I’ve had Hoola for about three years, hiding in the back of a drawer. After seeing someone raving about it on Twitter, I decided to try it out again, and worked out that combined with a much bigger brush, it does the trick perfectly. After swirling a big old chunky brush into the pan, I tap off most of the powder before applying under my cheekbones with a very light hand. Layering is key! The fact that I’ve hit pan, something I rarely do with any beauty products, speaks volumes about how much I love this bronzer.


Benefit Cosmetics Coralista Blusher (£23.50 – shop)

Another great Benefit product, Coralista is one of the first blushers I ever tried, and has been a trusty companion for ten years now. This is a brand new box of powder, and I can’t help feeling cheated that the size of the pan has decreased, yet the price has stayed the same. Cheeky Benefit, very cheeky. That aside, I love the flush of pink this gives combined with just the right amount of shimmer to give a healthy, poppin’ glow.


Bourjois 1 Seconde Mascara (£9.99 – shop)

Finally, my favourite mascara of all time. This is so similar to Benefit’s They’re Real, but at a fraction of the price. This separates my lashes amazingly, doesn’t clump on application, and I only need a few coats to get the volume that it takes me absolutely lashings with other mascaras. This one will always beat They’re Real simply because I can get two for the same price. And the other bonus? Bourjois’ is nowhere near as stubborn to remove as Benefit’s!

This post contains PR samples from Seventeen Cosmetics and Look Fantastic.