July 2016 Degustabox

Degustabox July 2016 Degustabox July 2016

Bahlsen Choco Leibniz (40p)

These are my favourite biscuits of all time, so to see that they are now available in smaller portion packs of two biscuits is very good news for me! I’ll be popping these in my lunch box for a mid-morning treat. If you’ve never tried a milk chocolate Bahlsen biscuit, trust me – you are missing out!

Degustabox July 2016

Itsu Crispy Seaweed Thins (£1)

Apparently crispy seaweed is an Asian delicacy, and is now hugely popular in the UK. These seaweed thins are harvested from Korea’s crystal clear seas, are naturally packed with zinc, iron, B12, and iodine, and each pack consists of less than 13 calories. Despite all of these health benefits, I won’t be getting on board with seaweed. Absolutely bloody disgusting in my opinion! I imagine it’s probably a refined taste, one which my quite frankly fussy palette just won’t get along with.

Degustabox July 2016

Berry white Organic Sparkling Drinks

These organic sparkling drinks were absolutely delicious! Really refreshing, and the flavour combinations worked really well. I’ll be looking out for more of these.

Degustabox July 2016

Brookside Chocolates Açai & Blueberry Flavors (£3.40)

I don’t usually go for dark chocolate, as the taste is too bitter for me. But the combination of the bitterness of the chocolate with the soft, sweet-tasting centres of açai berry and blueberry was absolutely winning. These were shared out and disappeared within a matter of minutes! I’d like to see whether Brookside offer any other flavours, and although the price is a little steep for just under 200g, I’d say it’s definitely worth it!

Degustabox July 2016

Felix Gherkins (£2.15)

I’m the person that picks gherkins out of burgers, so to see a jar of pickled gherkins in this month’s Degustabox didn’t exactly excite me! Apparently Felix’s gherkins’ sweet taste and crunchiness makes them the perfect accompaniment to a burger, but I won’t be putting that claim to test I’m afraid!

Degustabox July 2016

Rowntree’s Fruit Pastilles Infusions (£1.29)

I like that Degustabox always include a couple of sweet treats in their boxes, meaning that each month there’ll be something to appeal to people with both sweet and savoury preferences. Infusions are apparently an exciting new twist on standard Fruit Pastilles, with three infusions flavours of orange & grapefruit, raspberry & pomegranate, and apple & elderflower. Made with fruit juice and with no artificial colour, flavours and preservatives, these may be a slightly more guilt-free option, however just seven sweets contains 13% of your daily recommended sugar intake, so beware! I must admit, these ‘new’ flavours tasted exactly the same as the standard pastilles flavours, so I didn’t find these particularly groundbreaking.

Degustabox July 2016

Sarson’s Balsamic Vinegar (£1.99)

My understanding of the Degustabox concept is that it allows people to discover new brands or food items that they might not otherwise have found, so a bottle of Sarson’s vinegar seems an odd choice. The choice of fish and chip shops up and down the country, and a staple store food product present in many a UK kitchen, I’m not sure why Degustabox thought it’d be a good choice to include for July. There’s not much that can be said, other than yay, vinegar – great to sprinkle all over your greasy chip shop chips!

Degustabox July 2016

Natural Cucumber Sparkling Spring Water

Cucumber is a taste (and smell) that makes me turn my nose up in disgust. Cucumber in sandwiches? Just no. So it wasn’t a great surprise that I didn’t like this cucumber-flavoured sparking water. Why you would ruin sparkling water with cucumber I just don’t know, but I’m sure there are plenty of people who would enjoy this as a refreshing summer drink!

Degustabox July 2016

ALO Drink Mangosteen + Mango (£2.45)

Aloe vera drinks are something that I never thought I would like, but actually they are surprisingly refreshing and quite tasty! ALO’s drinks are made from real aloe vera, hand-picked from their organic farms. Mangosteen + Mango was delicious although God only knows what mangosteen is? Answers on a postcard! The only downside is each drink is a whopping £2.45, so this would have to be a ‘once every so often’ treat.

Degustabox July 2016

Spanish Orange Rejuvenation Water (£1.99)

Another drink in the pricier range, Rejuvenation Water is amino acid-enriched spring water, made with water from a Derbyshire spring. Rejuvenation water is said to fuel the immune system, build a natural resilience to stress, depression and anxiety, and aid digestion. Many claims, that I would be interested to see the evidence for. That aside, the Spanish Orange flavour was quite tasty – I decided to stick mine into my NutriBullet with a tonne of ice cubes and turn it into a delightfully refreshing slushy. In fact, now that I’ve realised how easy it is to make slushies with a NutriBullet, I intend to go crazy experimenting with different flavour combos!

Degustabox July 2016

Cracker Drinks Co. Pineapple, Coconut & Lime Fruit Juice Drink (£1.50)

Coconut drinks are not something I’d usually opt for, but I do find that with additional flavourings, such as the pineapple and lime here, it’s much more bearable. There are no added sugars or sweeteners in Cracks Drinks Co.’s drinks, which is always a bonus, and one serving counts as one of your five a day with less than 90 calories. Great as an accompaniment to breakfast.

Degustabox July 2016

Seabrooks Crisps Chicken Jalfrezi (£1.99)

Who doesn’t love a packet of crisps?! And posh crisps at that. Sea brooks crisps are latticed, which for some reason makes them taste a lot better – kind of in the same way that triangle sandwiches taste so much better than rectangular ones! The chicken jalfrezi flavour was pretty damn good, and unlike some meat-flavoured crisps, actually tasted pretty close to the real thing.

Degustabox July 2016

Jordans Swiss-Style Muesli (£2.79)

I love muesli, and have either that or granola for breakfast with greek yoghurt most mornings, so it was great to see some muesli that I haven’t tried before. Jordan’s swiss-style muesli has raisins and almonds in the mix, and coupled with some chopped fruit or honey this tastes great with plain yoghurt. I’ll be looking out for other version of this muesli, as I was really impressed!

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