Little Things – Redken and Competition Wins

Redken Pillow Talk

Redken Pillow Proof Blow Dry Express Treatment Primer

Receiving PR samples is always very exciting, but even more so when the PR company or brand puts a little extra effort into making the packages that little bit more special. It was a lovely surprise to see Redken’s new Pillow Proof Blow Dry Express Treatment Primer accompanied by a very generous handful of American sweets, or ‘candy’ as our pals over the pond like to refer to it. You may wonder what the significance of American sweets is for a product release – well, Redken is an American brand, based on 5th Avenue in New York.

The Pillow Proof Blow Dry Express Treatment Primer is a leave-in product that is applied through the lengths of towel-dried hair, which offers a whopping SEVEN styling and haircare benefits, as follows:

  1. Heat protection
  2. Reduces blow dry time
  3. Holds style longer
  4. 3 x stronger and healthier hair
  5. Anti-breakage formula
  6. Nourishes dry hair
  7. All hair types – ideal for thick hair

I am yet to give this product a go, as my usual styling regime involves washing my hair and chucking it up in a ponytail, so once I allow myself a few minutes longer in the mornings to properly style my hair (with heat and everything!), I’ll be giving this a good ol’ trial. I am looking forward to seeing whether it lives up to its seven claims!

LFJetSetter box; Look Fantastic; beauty box Mr Blanc teeth whitening strips

Look Fantastic Jet Setter Beauty Box

I’m very behind on this update, as this is last month’s Look Fantastic box – alas! This one is a better one. I have totally lost interest in beauty boxes, as I’ve found the quality of products is deteriorating, the samples are getting stingier in size, and I’m just not gaining anything from them. You can read more about my thoughts on subscription boxes here. The Jet Setter box was a nice surprise though, with a couple of handy products for jet setting, as the name would suggest; I like to keep a stash of product miniatures in a box in the cupboard, ready for packing my suitcase when it comes to holiday time.

I love a good BB cream, so this one from Spa Magik will be good to have in my box full of travel samples, as will the shower gel from Korres. I am most excited to try the teeth whitening strips from Mr. Blanc; I was due to get my braces off last week but my teeth weren’t quite ready, so I have to wait another couple of months until I can give whitening strips a go, disappointingly!


My Handbag Collection

Over the last few months I’ve been very eagerly chucking things away, namely clothes, shoes, and accessories. I’ve donated around six huge bin liners full of clothes to the charity shops, sold another bag full on eBay, and chucked a huge amount of things away. Oh so satisfying! I’ve been pretty ruthless and if I’ve not used something in the last two or three months, it’s gone. A lot of stuff I had forgotten that I even still owned! When it comes to bags, I tend to stick with the same bag for day time and the same bag for evening wear, and both have worn out to the point of scruffiness. I always go cheap and cheerful, and have never paid all that much for a bag. After sorting through my collection though, I’ve realised how tatty my bags are, and have decided I need to invest in a few key pieces! For daytime, I prefer cross-body bags which means both arms are free to use, and avoids shoulder slouch from all the crap I carry around in my bag; for evenings, I’ve had my eye on a few gorgeous clutch bags from House of Fraser – the ones with detachable straps are ideal for me, and I tend to opt for one in black or a neutral shade, so that I can use it with a whole range of outfits. I’m veering more towards the whole ‘capsule collection’ wardrobe idea, and I must say it’s really working for me.

Sure Giveaway Win

Competition Wins

Last week I was lucky enough to win a competition run by Sure in collaboration with Em Talks. I must admit I had forgotten I entered, so I was very pleasantly surprised when Em told me I had won. The prize arrived very promptly the next day, which is always a bonus! You can’t go wrong with a MAC lipstick, and this one I got sent is in a gorgeous coral shade which I’m sure will be getting a lot of use from the Summer. Also, Benefit’s They’re Real is my favourite mascara of all time, and my stash is running low – winner!


The Slender Blend & My Promixxer

When I started WeightWatchers a few months ago, I found that breakfast was a tricky time for me, and could mean the difference between the day’s diet going really well, or going off kilter within an hour or so. I’ve since found the perfect solution; getting up for work at 6am, I find it too early to eat breakfast, but by the time I’ve made the hour’s drive to work  I am absolutely starving.

The Slender Blend is a low-calorie, high-protein shake. It comes in a few different flavours (I usually go for strawberry), and is a little on the sweet side, but you soon get used to it. Drinking a shake is much easier for me than trying to eat a whole breakfast. I have heard bad things about The Slender Blend, such as that the nutritional content on the label is false and the sugar content is much more than actually stated; if you actually do your reading though, you’ll learn that these are false claims put forward by competitors, and should not be believed.

The main problem I have had in the past with protein shakes and standard shakers, is that I am left with lumpy shakes, no matter what I try. I have found the answer in the form of the Promixxer, which is just the most amazing contraption! The bottom part is a battery-powered motor, and there are a set of plastic blades inside the shaker, which spin to form a vortex; the idea is that you add your water to the main compartment, switch the motor on, and then drop your powder into the middle of the vortex. The result is a totally lump-free shake, and this has totally changed things for me. Protein shakes are now no longer an unpleasant experience – wahey!

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