I Wore The Same Makeup Every Day for a Month

Capsule Makeup Collection

Lately I have been really enjoying throwing things away. I’ve taken great pleasure in significantly reducing my makeup and beauty stash, getting rid of things that I’ll not use in a million years, and keeping hold of the things that have become firm favourites that work wonders for me, as opposed to the things that I feel I need to keep and use due to their cost. I spoke previously about my capsule makeup collection (post here), and in trying to streamline my collection further, I’ve found the perfect products that I have used day in, day out, for more than a month. I don’t see any reason to use anything different because I now know what is most flattering on me at this time of year, what is easiest and quickest to use at 6am when I’m too tired to do too much of a makeup routine, and what I can easily replace.  Capsule Makeup Collection; Benefit Dream Screen; GOSH Primer Plus

Benefit Dream Screen

Dream Screen is such a brilliant SPF product. Knowing that I can apply it underneath my makeup and it’ll provide me with sun protection all day long is pretty damn brilliant. At 6am when I’m getting ready for work, I never know what the weather is going to be like, and nine times out of ten the Apple weather app lies to me. With this on, I know I can go out for a leisurely stroll in the midday sun and not worry about having to put sun cream over the top of my makeup and risk smudging my makeup. A tiny amount of Dream Screen goes a very long way, and it also mattifies your face leaving a perfectly smooth base for makeup application on top.

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GOSH Primer Plus Skin Perfector

I’m really enjoying using products which even out my skin tone and provide a good base for my makeup, whilst avoiding foundations or BB creams. I’ve still got a bit of a Summer glow from my holiday earlier this year, and want to make the most of it. Primer Plus evens out my skin tone with a hint of subtle colour, and just helps any powder products – such as my bronzer or highlighter – to stay put a bit longer.

[You can read more about Primer Plus here].

Capsule Makeup Collection; Benefit Speed Brow; Illamasqua Eyebrow Cake

Benefit Speed Brow; Illasmasqua Eyebrow Cake

In my opinion, there is no makeup step more important than the one that primps and preens the brows to perfection. I’ve used so many brow products over the years (I’m sure if you search for ‘brows’ on my blog it’ll come up with a huge amount of posts) and at the moment I am LOVING Illamasqua’s Eyebrow Cake. Unfortunately the staying power isn’t quite as good as other powder products that I’ve tried, but with a good quality brow setting gel over the top, the colour seems to stay put long enough for a day at work. Eyebrow Cake is so easy to apply, and the colour match for me is perfect. Benefit’s Speed Brow, although pricey, offers better hold than much cheaper products, and this little tube has lasted me almost a year. I’ll definitely be buying it again because it makes such a difference to my brows.

[You can read my thoughts on Eyebrow Cake here].Capsule Makeup Collection; Benefit Hoola Bronzer

Benefit Hoola Bronzer

An absolute cult favourite, I really couldn’t get on with Hoola initially. I bought it as I didn’t believe there could be so much hype about a product without good reason, but it did nothing for me and was therefore resigned to the back of the drawer until the end of eternity. However, on deciding whether or not to bin it, I decided to give it another go with a much chunkier and fluffier bronzing brush. That, combined with my slightly more tanned face, means that this bronzer has now become my favourite bronzer EVER, and I can finally see what the hype is allllll about! Although I don’t think it’ll suit my skin tone come Winter, at the moment it delivers the perfect shade of cool, matte brown, giving my face a little more definition and making me look a little less chubby in the face. Capsule Makeup Collection

Maybelline 24hr Color Tattoo – Leather Effect Creamy Beige

I keep things neutral on my eyes during the day, but don’t like to have bare eyelids as this only serves to emphasise how tired and sleep-deprived I am! Maybelline’s leather effect colour tattoos are the perfect daytime products – not only because they seem to be the only shades that don’t dry out within a matter of weeks, but because the muted shade (which sits somewhere between a light brown and dark beige) is so universally flattering and stays put ALL DAY LONG. Love it.Capsule Makeup Collection; Clinique Bottom Lash Mascara


I must have tried out at least ten different mascaras over the last month, some of which had dried up and went straight in the bin, some I used until there was nothing left, and others that I just didn’t get on with thanks to the useless brushes. I have learned that the mascara for me is Bourjois’ Volume One Seconde Mascara, but I’m using up everything else in my stash before I buy it again. I’ve really been getting a lot of use out of Clinique’s Bottom Lash mascara – the dinky little brush makes it very easy to coat the bottom lashes and the smaller lashes at the corners of my eyes which a larger wand can’t quite reach.Capsule Makeup Collection; Tarte Blusher; My Little Box

Tarte Amazonian Clay 12-Hour Blush

I have two of these blushers, and this one in particular I use all the time. Despite that, you can still clearly see the design on the powder – you need only the slightest amount of product to get amazing colour pay-off. This is seriously going to last me forever! It doesn’t quite last the 12 hours Tarte claims it will, but I’ve definitely noticed a difference in comparison to other blushers.

My Little Beauty Bubble Blush

I was really not a fan of the My Little Box subscription service second time around, and cancelled after just two boxes. I must say though, that this liquid blusher is the best thing to have come out of any of the boxes I have had, and it’s seriously good. It’s a fuchsia pink in colour, very bold and pigmented, and needs blending out in double-quick time to ensure it doesn’t look like face paint. However, if blended properly the colour will last until you remove your makeup at the end of the day, which is absolutely brill!Capsule Makeup Collection; Hourglass Ambient Lighting Powder; Paw Paw Balm

Hourglass Ambient Lighting Powder

Possibly the most exciting makeup product I own, and the one which required the most deliberation before buying, but oh boy is it worth it! Sometimes I use a large kabuki brush to dust all over my face to give a lovely glow (fortunately a glow without looking shimmery), but lately I’ve been using this as a highlighter, along my cheeks, centre of my face, and below my eyebrows to add a bit of lift. Everything about it is stunning – the powder itself, the application, the compact – just perfection in a pan!

Dr. PawPaw Tinted Peach Pink Balm

This is a brilliant lip balm, but is marketed as a multi-purpose balm. However, there’s only so many things you can use it for and get away with, as you don’t want to be applying balm to random places on your body if it’s tinted! It’s very nourishing and soothing as a lip balm, and I’ve used it a few times as a cheek tint if I’m out and about and need to perk up my complexion.

This post contains some PR samples.