Little Things – Esthechoc and Monu Skincare

The Library of Fragrance

The Library of Fragrance

When Benefit decided to stop selling my favourite perfume of all time, So Hooked on Carmella, I was pretty peed off and wondered where I’d be able to find another perfume that came anywhere close to the same level of sickly sweet vanilla-caramel goodness, that I received so many compliments on every time I wore it. The closest I’ve come is thanks to The Library of Fragrance; with their huge range of scents that are intended to be layered up to create your own unique fragrance, I’ve managed to replicate So Hooked on Carmella as closely as I think I’m going to get! There are so many amazing scents, that it’s so hard not to buy them all!

Superdrug Hair Styling Products

Superdrug Style Expertise Hair Products

I spied these new hair products in Superdrug just before I went on holiday, and thought I’d give them a go. Mostly because I liked the look of the funky teal and pink packaging, but also because I have a thing for salt sprays. With my straight, lanky hair, I’m often on the look-out for products that’ll give my hair a bit of life and soul! I’ve not had much success with cheaper salt / texturising sprays, but I must say this one is actually pretty good. Also, the hairspray is a winner, as not only does it give amazing hold, it also does so without the sticky residue that some hairsprays can leave behind. Winner winner!

My Little Box March 2016 My Little Box March 2016

Subscription Boxes

I lost interest in beauty subscription boxes a long time ago; I have previously had subscriptions to Birchbox, Glossybox, She Said Beauty, and You Beauty, and all of them lost their appeal fairly quickly. Where boxes once offered some great stand-out products in each box, including one or two full-sized ones, lately they just seem to involve stingy samples and repeat products month after month. My Little Box was a novelty to begin with, offering a combination of beauty products and lifestyle products. I un-subbed after a 6-month subscription last year in my quest to save money, but decided to join up again after getting a 3-month offer sent to my e-mail account. However, after just two boxes I’ve cancelled and I will not be signing up for another beauty box again. The last month of My Little Box was so full of absolute tat that I didn’t even bother to photograph it, including a cardboard seed planter, and a protective bag for delicate lingerie, whilst the previous month included a BALLOON as one of the items. I don’t need this useless crap anymore – I’m trying to live a minimalist life, so the subscription boxes had to go (the miniature makeup sponge in the above picture is the ONE good thing to come out of two boxes. Ergh.).

Monu Brightening Boost Serum

Monu Instant Radiance Brightening Serum *

This serum is my new fave skincare product, which leaves my skin feeling dreamy soft and smells delicious! Suitable for all skin types, it promises to revitalise the complexion resulting in luminosity and radiance, whilst plumping skin and combating signs of premature ageing. This serum really is a delight to apply – it sinks into the skin very quickly, doesn’t cause any problems when applied under makeup, and definitely leaves my skin feeling a little plumper. Trying out new skincare is a funny thing, as you can never say for sure whether it’s had any positive effects – not unless you have two faces and are able to go without the same product on the other face as a control. So, although I really love this serum and have been using it every day without fail, who knows what difference it has really made! It retails at £27.50 for 15ml, which some might consider on the steep side, but I’ve always found that Monu products are such high quality that you really do get what you pay for.

Esthechoc Esthechoc

Esthechoc Cambridge Beauty Chocolate *

Esthechoc were very generous in providing samples of their beauty chocolates to everyone that attended the #BtonBlogMeet back in March. I was rather excited to try out Esthechoc, as I am a massive chocoholic, and loved the idea of a guilt-free chocolate that comes with health benefits! The idea is that one chocolate a day helps to regain your skin health and slow down the ageing process; this is scientifically proven following ten years of research by Cambridge Chocolate Technologies. I am always after empirical evidence when it comes to claims like this, which can seem far-reached, but fortunately there is reference to numerous studies and papers on the Esthechoc website which further support their claims. 

The chocolates themselves are in the form of 72.6% chocolate; now I’m definitely not a fan of dark chocolate, but found that I actually came to quite enjoy the taste of these. One little dark chocolate was also enough to stave off the pangs of a whole family-sized bar of milk chocolate, so not only does Esthechoc have anti-ageing benefits, it also has benefits for the waistline!

The major downside for this revolutionary product, as with so many other innovations, is the price tag; £37.50 for a month’s supply (one chocolate a day), with £5 P&P on top. Unfortunately, I could never justify that kind of price for something that I can’t physically see the effects of.


This post contains PR samples, as indicated by the use of an asterisk (*).