Little Things – Glow Tonic and Mighty Fine Honeycomb

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High End vs. High Street Glow Tonic

I am a big fan of Pixi‘s Glow Tonic, but I use it quite infrequently due to its cost and how difficult it used to be to get hold of. Not such a problem now that it’s stocked online, but still I am in the habit of only using it once every week to 10 days. It does a great job of perking up my skin when it’s looking a little tired and lacklustre, and I find it’s really refreshing to apply. Never does my face feel cleaner than when I’ve used Glow Tonic!

A little while back, I saw that Freedom Makeup were stocking their own version of Glow Tonic, so I bought a bottle and took it home to study the ingredients list. The only difference I could find was that there is a much lower quantity of aloe vera and ginseng in Freedom Makeup’s version, and therefore it doesn’t smell nearly as pleasant. Also, Pixi’s version has much nicer packaging. When it comes down to it however, it doesn’t seem worth splashing out for Pixi’s Glow Tonic anymore, when there’s a cheaper version that will do exactly the same job.

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Brush Cleansing Superstars

Another fab product from Freedom Makeup, this time in the form of the Pro Studio Brush Bath Sanitising Brush Cleanser. I’ve used makeup brush soaps and balms before, but never one which actually comes fully contained in a pot like this one. This is the best thing I’ve ever tried for cleaning my makeup brushes – I simply wet a brush, swirl it around the cleanser, rinse off, and then lay out to dry. The pot is huge, and I can see this lasting a really long time. The last solid brush cleanser I used was in the form of a block of cleanser, loosely contained in a pot. This meant that once the cleanser shrunk, it kept falling out of the pot. Freedom’s cleanser on the other hand, fills the pot entirely, and so that is not a problem.

The other brush cleanser which has been a bit of a revolution for me (pun not intended), is Makeup Revolution‘s Pro-Hygiene Anti-Bacterial Brush Cleanser*. I use this to clean my brushes after each use – a quick spritz of the solution and a swirl onto a bit of a tissue means that I can keep my makeup brushes clean in between a full wash, which tends to happen much less regularly than it should! I’ve never tried a cleanser such as this before, but it’s brill and I will definitely be repurchasing.

Mighty Fine Honeycomb Mighty Fine Honeycomb

Mighty Fine Honeycomb *

I was sent this honeycomb before Christmas, and it lasted just long enough to be photographed before it got gobbled up. This stuff is absolute heaven – the sweet crunchiness of the honeycomb, combined with the decadence of both the salted caramel and the peanut butter? Absolute heaven. I could only have a very small amount as honeycomb and braces do not go well together, so I had to have a little nibble and share the rest. The best way to describe Mighty Fine honeycomb, is to imagine a Crunchie but ten times tastier and a whole lot posher. It’s a bit more of an expensive treat, but if you’re looking for something a bit different to give to someone who’s got a sweet tooth, I’d recommend having a browse of their website!

Proto-Col Pure Collagen Capsules

Proto-Col Pure Collagen Food Supplement *

I am all over anything that’s got collagen in it, thanks to my gradually ageing skin and the unwanted appearance of fine lines around my eyes and forehead. Proto-Col’s collagen capsules contain only natural ingredients, and are said to help maintain a youthful appearance by plumping fine lines and minimising wrinkles – I’ll take some of that! You are supposed to take three capsules per night, at least 90 minutes after eating. Supposedly the first phase of sleep is when skin regeneration and repair occurs, hence taking the capsules at bedtime. Interestingly, you can take up to nine capsules per day as an additional boost in the event of injury. I have been taking these and will continue to do so until they’re all gone, but I honestly couldn’t tell you whether they will have made a blind bit of difference. I have no idea how my skin would have looked in a month’s time if I hadn’t taken the capsules, so how can I possibly compare?! If you’ve got £29.99 per month to spare though, give it a go!

Spark Joy Marie Kondo

Spark Joy – Marie Kondo

Unless you’ve been living under a proverbial rock, you will have heard of Marie Kondo’s The Life-Changing Magic of Tidying Up. Various reviews and reports will tell you that she is a bit cuckoo, whereas other feedback will tell you that her ways and methods have revolutionised people’s lives and homes. I picked up Spark Joy when I saw it on offer in the local bookshop – I think it’s the second book following the resounding success of The Life-Changing Magic. It’s certainly an interesting read, but she does have some bizarre concepts. Spark Joy features lots of handy line diagrams regarding organisation and tidying, although at times this does seem to be a little over the top with her directions. For instance, Kondo makes a point that clothes should be folded into square shapes to make it easier to store them in drawers and view them all at once, so sleeves etc should be folded in on themselves so that you are left with a square item of clothing. However, she provides a diagram for EVERY SINGLE item of clothing you can think of and how to fold it into a square. Once you’ve seen one or two diagrams, you get the gist and anyone would be smart enough to work out how to make the rest of their clothes square-shaped. You really don’t need diagrams on how to fold your pants into geometric shapes. I kid you not, there must be about 20-30 pages on just folding, and to me it seems like a way of filling pages and packing out the book.

If you can bring yourself to tolerate the repetition, kooky ideas, and unnecessary ideas, give this book a go. If not, I’d say to give it a miss.


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