Vintage Fashion – Stepping Outside of my Comfort Zone

vintage polaroid

When it comes to fashion, I am a casual and comfy girl through and through. I’m not very daring, and would rather sink into the background than wear something different or ‘trendy’. Jeans and a T-shirt on a casual day, and a dress with tights and ankle boots on a ‘dressy’ day, that’s me. However, recently my mum was having a huge wardrobe clear-out and I was teaching her how to eBay (not an easy task, that’s for sure!), and she came across this beautiful dress. I have very fond memories of this dress, given that my mum is wearing it in a lot of my baby pictures, and she even used to wear it even before I was born, back in the early 80s. She’s handed it down to me since she hasn’t been able to fit into it since last century and it’s sitting unloved in her wardrobe.

vintage fashion

I must admit I’ve never dabbled with vintage fashion, but this floral-patterned wrap-around tea dress is beautiful, and such a flattering fit. Granted it’s a little on the tight side at the moment, but hopefully after a few months of training hard it’ll fit a bit better! The thought of vintage clothing always creeps me out a little, imagine clothes that were last worn by someone that has long since died – at least wearing hand-me downs I don’t have to worry about where the clothes have been or who has worn them!

vintage fashion

Speaking of vintage, or even retro fashion, one of my favourite items of clothing from my childhood was a pair of trouser dungarees. They were so comfortable, I wore them with everything, hated when they had to be washed, and I’m sure I even continued to wear them once the trouser legs were swinging around my ankles. I’ve longed to have a reason to find a pair of dungarees again, and so thankfully they are BACK IN FASHION! This week I picked up this dungaree skirt for a bargain ¬£22 from New Look, and I love it! I can imagine styling it in so many different ways, and love the subtle nod to my inner childhood fashionista. If you’re in the market for some new dungarees to rock the trend which is making a big comeback, Rokit have so many amazing pairs, both trousers and shorts, and in different colours too.


Post written in collaboration with Rokit