Little Things – The Perfect Base and My New Jacket

Bare Minerals Complexion Rescue

Bare Minerals Complexion Rescue *

I absolutely cannot stand the feeling of having makeup on my face, so when it comes to wearng base makeup I usually opt for a tinted moisturiser, light BB cream, or a powder. I went to the Brighton Bare Minerals launch last Summer and took part in a mini makeup masterclass, using this wonder product. Everyone walked away with absolutely flawless skin, yet Complexion Rescue feels incredibly light, akin to wearing only a moisturiser. I either wear this alone, or mixed with a small amount of liquid highlighter to add some much-needed glow to my skin. I dread running out of this, and so I have a back-up in my drawer ready!


Diablo Devilishly Good Treats *

Just before Christmas I was sent a parcel of goodies from Diablo, a company whose ethos is on providing tasty treats that are low in sugar and therefore diabetes-friendly. It hadn’t struck me that the brand name, Diablo, was a combination of the words ‘diabetes’ and ‘low’ (sugar) until I read the blurb on the website – a bit slow on the uptake over here! Diablo offer a great selection of snacks which taste as close as you’re ever going to get to the full-fat sugar-laden versions without compromising too much on the taste. I say ‘too much’, because Diablo’s low-sugar cookies are never going to hit the sweet spot quite like soft and gooey supermarket cookies are going to. However, the milk chocolate is pretty delish and the cookies are surprisingly moreish. The wafer chocolate bars tasted a little odd, but they were bearable. As I’m counting ‘points’ at the moment I decided to see how they would compare to my usual chocolate bar of choice (kit Kat orange) and the points came out as the same. I’m clearly going to choose the Kit Kat over Diablo, but for people that need a low-sugar diet these items are a pretty good replacement.   


New Deep Heat Muscle Massage Roll-On Lotion (RRP £4.99 / 50ml)*

Now that I’ve started putting in more effort on the exercise front, I have noticed an increase in knots and muscle strains. I’ve steered away from Deep Heat in the past simply because it smells horrendous. However, I was sent the new Deep Heat in the roll-on version, and it is completely different. Gone is the putrid smell that lingers for hours, replaced with a much more bearable herbal fragrance. The roller-ball means that application is much more targeted, allowing you to massage away those muscle aches at the same time as applying heat. For all you gym bunnies out there, this is a bit of a saviour. Keep one in your gym bag and you can apply both before and after your work-out.
Little Things - Doodling for Cat People

I’m Now a Cat Person

Three years ago we got our first cat, a big ginger ball of rapidly-malting fur. Having never had the faintest bit of interest in cats or dogs throughout my life, I now find that I talk to our three cats more than I talk to some of my friends. If the cats had WhatsApp, it’a safe to say I’d probably be chatting to them 24-7. Anyway, thanks to my new ‘cat lady’ status, for the last three years my birthday cards have been 95% cat-themed. My birthday just gone, I received not one, but TWO cat-themed books. My crazy cat lady status is confirmed.
Starting a Capsule Wardrobe

My New Topshop Jacket

If i was to describe this jacket in blogging-speak terms, it would be ‘all the heart-eyed emojis’, but ‘down with the kids’ language like that makes me want to vom a little.  This jacket was a Christmas treat to myself, but due to the weather taking a turn for the freezing, I’ve not yet had a chance to wear it out of the house. It’s slightly cropped and intentionally baggy, and the fur lining is so so comfortably cosy and warm. I can’t wait for the days to get a little warmer so I can leave the house without a Winter coat, and I’m sure when I do, this jacket will have to be surgically removed from me.


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