Something for the Men – The Bluebeards Revenge

Now obviously I’m not a man, and nor do I have a beard (although, there’s certainly nothing wrong with having a beard), but I thought it was about time to include some products for the men on the blog. I was sent this bundle of goodies from The Bluebeards Revenge range shortly before Christmas, but as I’m a general hater of ‘gift guide’ posts and think this brand is absolutely brill, I decided that Bluebeards Revenge needed a whole post of its own, so here it is!

The Bluebeards Revenge is a range of premium, barber shop-quality products set to offer the “ultmate grooming and shaving experience for real men” – as the website points out, if you’re a member of the ‘bumfluff brigade’, then Bluebeards Revenge is not for you! If you are a Bluebeard yourself, or are looking for treats for a bearded man in your life, then read on. (All thoughts and opinions offered up by a real life Bluebeard!)

Post-Shave Balm (£9.99 / 100ml)

This balm is designed to reduce beard growth as well as nourishing and moisturising the skin. If you’re fed up of tidying up the edges of your beard only for a shadow to appear hours later, this might be the balm for you. I’m told it feels super soothing on the skin and doesn’t smell of much, which is great for guys because they don’t want to go around ‘smelling of their nan’ (actual quote there). The Post Shave Balm contains Decelerine, an ingredient which is said to delay hair growth, meaning that with continued use you shouldn’t have to shave so often.


I particularly like that the packaging include sneakily hidden facts and stats about prostate cancer; Bluebeards are paired up with a male cancer charity called Orchid, and Bluebeards have kick-started their partnership by ensuring that all of their packaging features life-saving advice for men on the insides of their cartons. The campaign has been headed by Phil Vickery of England rugby fame.

Doubloon Bristle Shaving Brush (£6.99)

I am always amazed by how scratchy shaving brushes are, but I guess chaps use them for the manly art of shaving their face rather than buffing mineral foundation into their skin, so that makes sense. This one is sturdily made in a simple wooden design, with fancy gold lettering. I am informed that the brush does exactly as a shaving brush should, and buffs shaving cream into the face with great ease, thanks to the perfectly packed bristles and curved wooden handle making it ergonomically-pleasing to hold.

Scimitar Double-Edge Razor (£34.99)

Now I’ve never had any reason to use a ‘cut-throat’ razor, but even I can see that this one is truly beautiful. The handle is very weighty, allowing you to have perfect control when shaving, and the Bluebeards logo laser etched onto the head of razor is a nice touch – just enough branding to stay classy. The razor is double-edged, and very easy to get the blades in and out. The only downside is that didn’t come with blades, but that’s to be expected as sales of blades need to be regulated. Fortunately they’re fairly cheap from the supermarket so that’s no bother.

Cuban Blend Beard Oil (£9.99 / 50ml)

This is the product my male tester was most excited about – he was practically rubbing his hands with glee, and I could see him thinking out loud ‘oh my god! My beard is going to be so soft that I can stroke it all day long!’. With aromas of the Caribbean (the scent of rum and sun? yes please!), the beard oil helps to smooth, moisturise, and protect hairs and the skin underneath. A small amount of oil massaged into the skin helps to make it look a little less unruly whilst ensuring it feels that little bit softer. No one likes shaving rash right?!

 If you’re after some high quality gifts for a bearded fella, I’d highly recommend looking into The Bluebeards Revenge. You can visit the website here.

This post contains PR samples