Smart Power Bank Personalised USB Chargers

I have an iPhone 5, and anyone else with an iPhone I’m sure will agree that the iPhone battery life is notoriously shit. Despite trying every known trick to prolong the battery life (low battery mode, dim the screen, close all apps, turn off location settings… snore…), if I’m going out for the day I’ll get to about 4pm and be on those last few dregs of battery juice. As a blogger (aka someone who has to take pictures of absolutely everything), running out of battery is a nightmare. And when I can’t even use my phone to look up the train timetables to make my way safely home, my iPhone and I have serious fall-outs. It hadn’t even crossed my mind to get myself a portable power pack before, so I’m pretty pleased that USB Makers got in touch to share their personalised power banks.
USB Makers offer a huge range of different USB chargers in varying sizes, styles, colours, and capacities, all of which can be personalised with a logo, picture, or text of your choice. I went for the Venice style, and chose to add a motivational quote on to spur me on. If not now, then when? is a motto I have been trying to live by – I am forever procrastinating, putting plans on hold, and making excuses. I need this motto!
Once the power banks arrived, I was really impressed with how well the image I had sent to them had translated to the unit itself. Now I can see the design on the product though, I do wish I had just chosen some plain black text, as that would have looked much better. The power bank itself is nice and compact, much smaller than my iPhone. It comes without any cables, with the idea that you can use any cable with a USB attachment; this means I can charge any of my electronic devices, including my phone, kindle, camera, and even my satellite navigation system if I happen to forget the charging lead. Due to its compact size, the power bank slides into a hidden pocket in my bag, completely unobtrusive until I have a battery crisis and realise I need it and it’s right there!
The power banks are charged via a short cable that comes included in the box, and I simply plug this in either to my computer or a USB plug into a wall socket. Charging takes only a couple of hours, and the indicator light will change colour when it is ready, so you know you’re good to go. I’ve never allowed my power bank to fully deplete its charge, but on the days that I’ve taken it out with me I have achieved more than one full phone charge and had plenty to spare. This little white box is an absolute life-saver – I’m not entirely sure how I managed without it!
USB Makers offer personalised power banks with a minimum order of 10 pieces. They also sell gift bags, presentation boxes, and multi connectors. Perfect for advertising businesses, or even just a great way to bulk buy some gifts – I gave away my spare power banks to friends and family for Christmas, and they all love them! You can visit the website here


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