Post-Workout Protein from Cardiff Sports Nutrition

Why Protein?

Just in case you’re not familiar with the ins and outs of why you should take in protein after a workout, here’s a little summary, from my (far from expert) understanding. In short, protein is used for the production of muscles; without adequate protein intake, the body would not be able to repair the structures that make up tissues, cells and organs, and muscle repair would be slower. As a result, the risk of injury is increased. Eating or drinking protein after a workout helps to repair the small muscles tears which occur after exercise, allowing the body to continue its healing processes.

Aside from protein in your normal diet, there are countless protein snacks and shakes on the fitness nutrition market which will allow you to take in larger amounts of protein whilst being quick, easy, and convenient. Snacks and shakes are ideal for people that go to the gym before or during work and aren’t able to knock up a high protein meal post-workout. I like to have a protein shake in the morning, as after 7-8 hours of sleep the body is lacking in protein after fasting for so long, and I find this gives me a great start to the day packed full of all the nutrients I need. As for post-workout, over the last few months I have tried a whole range of different protein products, but I have now found one snack which I am confident will be a regular re-purchase – enter Lenny and Larry’s!

Cardiff Sports Nutrition

Cardiff Sports Nutrition is one of the leading suppliers of sports nutrition and body building supplies in the UK, and the website offers a fantastic choice of products for whatever your body needs. I was offered the chance to select something from the website, and after plenty of thought (there were far too many items to choose from, all of which I would have liked!) I went for a box of Lenny and Larry’s The Complete Cookie. Lenny and Larry’s is a company founded by two friends who wanted to create baked goods that not only are healthy, but pack a protein punch.

The Complete Cookie

I had read countless reviews of The Complete Cookie before my order arrived, and I had only read good things. Now that I’ve finished the entire box of 12 (each cookie contains two servings) I can whole-heartedly say that this is the best protein product that I have ever tried, and the reviews were absolutely spot-on! The cookies are huge, come in several flavours, and taste absolutely delicious. They are vegan-friendly as they contain no eggs or dairy, and as I suffer from an intolerance to dairy thanks to IBS, this definitely helps me too.

Each cookie contains two servings, with each serving containing 8g of protein. I could easily eat a whole cookie at once to get 16g of protein, but unfortunately each cookie contains a whopping 12g of sugar. I’m willing to let that fact slide seeing as these cookies have now become the treat I look forward to after a work-out; there have been some days when the only reason I’ve managed to find the motivation to go out for a run is because I NEED that cookie! I split each cookie in half and find it lasts a couple of days no problem if stored properly, without going stale.

I’ve been trying the Double Chocolate, Chocolate Chip, and White Macadamia varieties; as a complete chocolate addict I’d have a hard time to choose a favourite. I was very pleasantly surprised to find that all of the cookies are soft and chewy as opposed to crunchy like some varieties of cookies. Although I had read in some reviews that there simply weren’t enough chocolate chips per cookie, I didn’t think that was the case.

The Complete Cookie retails at £1.99 each at Cardiff Sports Nutrition; although it seems pricey, it’s about standard for a protein product. When purchased as a box of 12 you do make a bit of a saving, which is worth bearing in mind. If you’re into protein products and fancy something a bit more indulgent, I would highly recommend trying something from Lenny and Larry’s. You can view the range here.

This post contains PR samples from Cardiff Sports Nutrition.