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Having never grown up with pets, I’d always been the type of person who could never understand why people got so attached to their pets, or so upset when they lost them. I thought everyone who had animals was completely barmy – I just didn’t get it! However, over the last 18 months I have acquired two beautiful kitties, and now I get it. I see exactly why people get so much joy and happiness from their animals, and I can see just how easy it is to get attached. I talk to these cats a lot, and actually enjoy their company – who would have thought it, I’ve become a crazy cat lady! Anyway, I was offered the chance to try choose some goodies from Feedem Pet Supplies in order to treat Tiggy, who is 18 months old, and Lola, who is roughly 6 months; here’s what I picked.
If you have cats, you will know how scarily accurate the Simon’s Cat videos are – you can see a few on Youtube here. The videos always make me laugh, so I decided to get a couple of the feeding mats, which are priced more than reasonably at just £1.90. Placed underneath the food and water bowls, they save the cats’ food going all over the floor. The mats are wipe clean, but I have found you need to be gentle with them, as the paint is liable to flake off if scrubbed too hard. For £1.90 though, I can’t complain!
Both cats go crazy for the little mouse toys, and having shredded their last one to bits I thought it would be a good idea to get another one. These toys are 85p each, and are very sturdy for such a cheap toy. They come in various colourways, and this one looks rather like a carrot when either of the cats is flinging it around in their mouth!

Feedem Pet Supplies has pet food, toys, and accessories for a whole range of posts. The prices are all very reasonable, and the website is nice and easy to navigate. If you have any furry fiends in your life, and with Christmas coming up (animals get stockings too, right?!) it may be an idea to have a little look!

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