Boots Haul

I just want to point out that I am aware that some people don’t like haul posts. However, I have had positive feedback on my blog about these types of posts, so I’m happy to continue doing them 🙂 Secondly, I feel I need to mention that this haul was ordered the day I decided to start my 100-Day Spending Ban, so I have not broken my ban! In fact, this was the haul that prompted me to do something about my incessant spending on beauty products and cosmetics.

Anyway, enough about that. Onto the haul!

So what did I get? The main incentive for me doing an online Boots shop was because I have been looking out for the 17 Wild Metallics Eyes in nude for quite some time now, and as I’d never thought to look on the Boots website I thought I’d give it a go. And sure enough, they had the eyeshadow in nude. And then I got a little carried away and decided to pick up some more bits and bobs. But then you start getting reminders telling you that if you spend x amount you can get a free gift, so I was sucked in! I really enjoyed the Revlon Photoready Blush that I got in a pink shade, so decided to try out a coral one. I’ve not yet been able to find a true coral shade, so I’m really excited about this one, as it is bright coral! I had been looking for a powder highlighter as well – I was torn between this one by Makebelieve and one by Smashbox, but price won in the end and I got the Makebelieve Enhance. Unfortunately I was disappointed to find that this was a cream highlighter, which I have plenty of already, but I’m sure I’ll get plenty of use from it. I got a liquid eyeliner from L’Oreal, which seems brilliant from the swatches I took, but had I realised I would get a very similar one in the L’Oreal free gift I wouldn’t have bothered! The Natural Collection Corrector was only bought as it’s something I don’t already own and I wanted to push the order over the limit for free shipping. The 17 Pressed Powder was something else I ordered in order to get a free gift (as you can see most of my purchases were not things I set out to buy but in fact things that would help me qualify for certain offers!). Finally, I decided to jump on the band wagon and buy my very first Real Techniques brush, and I went for a blusher brush. I’m looking forward to seeing whether this lives up to the hype. I will do a post at a later date covering the free gifts I got and the products that I was given.

I was quite disappointed with the delivery from Boots, as they told me it would arrive between 8am and 9pm on the Thursday, so I kept the whole day free. It did not arrive until late on Friday, so I had to make extra arrangements for someone else to receive the parcel for me. I e-mailed Boots to explain that I wasn’t overly impressed with this, and to their credit they added a large amount of advantage points to my account, so I am satisfied with that outcome.

Have you any experience with any of the products I have bought? What are your thoughts?