Magnifibres – Review

Magnifibres | £20 (PR Sample)

The extremely lovely people at Magnifibres recently sent me a sample of their latest must-have beauty product for review, which I have been extremely excited about! I am the kind of person that has to put five or six coats of mascara on for a night out, to get the kind of length and volume that I desire. I have tried false eyelashes, but I just cannot get to grips with them. I can’t apply them properly and I wanted an alternative that didn’t look so obviously fake. Cue Magnifibres!

I love the packaging, a classy pink and black tube with before and after photos on and brief instructions for use. There are further, more detailed instructions inside the tube.

As you can see from the second picture, Magnifibres are exactly that – tiny fibres on a mascara wand. The idea is that you brush these onto your eyelashes after you’ve applied a coat of mascara, and keep building up, alternating between mascara and Magnifibres until you have the volume that you desire.

Here are my lashes before any mascara – they are naturally quite long but fair, so I don’t tend to use mascara for length but for thickening out my lashes and giving as much volume as possible. I have even been known to use three different mascaras at a time in order to get enough volume!

Step One
The instructions say to apply your own mascara as usual. Position brush horizontally and move outwards in a zig-zag pattern, to achieve maximum coverage. Here are my lashes after one coat of mascara – long enough, but not quite thick enough.

Step Two
This involves applying the Magnifibres using the same technique as if you were applying mascara, but look downwards. The natural fibers bind to the base coat of mascara. I found that this stage of the process was relatively easy – the contrast between the white of the fibers and the black of the mascara found it easy to see how much product you were applying and how much coverage you had. And surprisingly, the fibres didn’t fall all over the place as I had initially expected them to!

Step Three
Step three requires you to wait 30 seconds, then apply a second coat of mascara. The instructions say that you can repeat the process of layering mascara
onto the fibes as many times as you like. I opted for two coats of Magnifibres, therefore requiring three coats of mascara in total. The result was the kind of volume that it normally takes me about six coats of mascara to achieve, and so easy to do.

Magnifibres can be used with any mascara, so no need to buy anything fancy.
You get plenty of product for your money.
The packaging is lovely!
Application is relatively easy – I’d say it’s pretty dummy-proof.
You can achieve fantastic volume from Magnifibres.

I found that Magnifibres did not make any difference to the length of my lashes.
The biggest con for me was that when I applied the mascara on top of the fibres, a lot of the fibrrs came off onto my mascara wand. The science behind Magnifibres is that the fibres have a patented coating which binds to the mascara. Therefore the drawside is that when you apply your mascara on top of the fibres, the fibres then bind back onto the mascara wand.
The price may be a bit steep for some.

What’s the verdict?
Magnifibres is a great alternative to false eyelashes and far more natural-looking. Although I don’t feel it adds anything to the length, it adds a brilliant amount of volume, and that is definitely enough for me to want to re-purchase. I think the price is just right for what you’re getting too. It’s a brilliant concept, and I have a feeling that this is going to be a very popular product! You can get yours here.