Illamasqua Eye Brow CakeI have spent many years searching for the perfect brow products (you can see my quest here, here, here, and here), and frequently alternate between the powder and gel varieties. My latest favourite is Illasmasqua’s Brow Cake; I initially started off with the shade Gaze, the darker of the two. I find that many brow products are… View Post

Beloved Date Nectar (£3.50)I am a total sugar addict (as you can tell from this post), so any sugar alternatives that are even slightly healthier are definitely an improvement for me! This date nectar is made from 100% pure dates, with nothing else added to the mix, so you can be assured that it is gluten, wheat and dairy-free, and… View Post

Life lately has taken some interesting turns for me. There have been some ups, some downs, some challenges, and some successes. It’s been a mixed bag, and at times has left me wanting to tear my hair out with feelings of frustration, anger, and upset, along with thoughts of: “Why is life so unfair?!” But what I’ve taken from these… View Post

Travelling is one of my absolute favourite things, ever. There is nothing quite like the experience of stepping off the plane into a new country or continent, and the feeling of anticipation and excitement at what you’re going to see, learn, and discover, and the people you’re going to meet. The main reason I am still without a mortgage is… View Post